iOS 5가 이제 얼마 남지 않았나 보네요.
벌써 BETA 가 5번째 나오게 되었습니다.

기존에 BETA4 받으신 분들은 OTA 업데이트 기능을 통해서,  UPDATE 하시면 되겠습니다.
UDID 등록도 안하고, 바로 올리신 분들은 이쯤되면 없을거라 보구요 ;)

 변경된 내용들입니다.

 Notes and Known Issues

The following issues relate to using the 5.0 SDK to develop code.
When creating an iCloud account, you can use any Apple ID as long as it is a full email address and not a MobileMe account. If you have a MobileMe account, you can move that account to iCloud. You can find more information on iCloud at:
When setting up an iCloud or MobileMe account using the setup assistant and leaving Find My iPhone on, it might actually turn Find my iPhone off after the setup. Please verify in Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendar/YourAccount that Find my iPhone is toggled On after leaving the setup assistant.
NEW: Enabling iCloud services in Setup Assistant may not always be saved correctly. After completing Setup Assistant you should visit Settings > iCloud to verify the state of the iCloud account. If you have multiple iCloud or MobileMe accounts configured on the device you should also visit each of those accounts in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar to verify each account.
It is recommended that you disable Bookmarks on multiple accounts. If they are enabled, the results might be undefined.
Starting in iOS 5, video content in applications and websites are AirPlay-enabled by default.
iOS 5 supports AirPlay of video via AV Foundation.
Apple TV
Apple TV Software beta enables users to mirror the contents of an iPad 2 to an Apple TV (2nd generation) using AirPlay. This beta software also enables Photo Stream on Apple TV so users can access photos stored in iCloud. Apple TV Software beta is being provided to test the latest AirPlay functionality with your iOS 5 apps and web sites. If you wish to install Apple TV Software beta on your device, you must first register your device UDID in the iOS Developer Program Portal.
Birthday calendars are not currently available via the website or in Windows. They will be available in a future release.
NEW: The default calendar is still the On My iPhone calendar despite setting up an iCloud account during Setup Assistant. As a workaround, reset the default Calendar after finishing Setup Assistant in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Default Calendar.
NEW: Pushing iCloud Calendar data is not working in iOS. To sync your iCloud Calendar, launch the Calendar app or refresh the calendars manually using the Calendars button in the top left corner.
Core Image
Several filters have been added since beta 1. The current list now includes the following filters:CIAdditionCompositing, CIAffineTransform, CICheckerboardGenerator, CIColorBlendMode, CIColorBurnBlendMode, CIColorControls, CIColorCube, CIColorDodgeBlendMode, CIColorInvert,CIColorMatrix, CIColorMonochrome, CIConstantColorGenerator, CICrop, CIDarkenBlendMode, CIDifferenceBlendMode, CIExclusionBlendMode, CIExposureAdjust, CIFalseColor, CIGammaAdjust,CIGaussianGradient, CIHardLightBlendMode, CIHighlightShadowAdjust, CIHueAdjust, CIHueBlendMode, CILightenBlendMode, CILinearGradient, CILuminosityBlendMode,CIMaximumCompositing, CIMinimumCompositing, CIMultiplyBlendMode, CIMultiplyCompositing, CIOverlayBlendMode, CIRadialGradient, CISaturationBlendMode, CIScreenBlendMode,CISepiaTone, CISoftLightBlendMode, CISourceAtopCompositing, CISourceInCompositing, CISourceOutCompositing, CISourceOverCompositing, CIStraightenFilter, CIStripesGenerator,CITemperatureAndTint, CIToneCurve, CIVibrance, CIVignette, and CIWhitePointAdjust
Match data for turn based matches is currently limited to 4 KB of data.
NEW: When logging in to Game Center, the password may clear and login may not complete. Trying a second time will succeed.
NEW: In this beta, GameKit Invites may fail. As a workaround, try restarting the device.
iBooks 1.2.2 may fail to display some text or images in books. Please update to iBooks 1.3 in the App Store.
iCloud Backup
As this is beta software, it is recommended that you do not use the iCloud services to store any critical data or information. If you enable iCloud Backup, automatic backup with iTunes when syncing will be disabled. We also suggest that you manually back up your device with iTunes. Backups made with earlier versions of iOS 5 beta will soon become incompatible, and will no longer be available. It is strongly advised you upgrade to this version of the iOS 5 beta in order to continue backing up your devices. If you encounter errors restoring from a backup, or enabling a backup more than one hour after signing into iCloud, try deleting your iCloud account from Settings and adding it back. If errors persist, please try erasing your device and initiating the restore again.
iCloud Storage
During the iOS 5 beta period, any documents stored on the servers might be purged periodically before GM. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you do not store any critical documents or information on the servers.
NEW: Provisioning Profiles no longer need to be enabled for iCloud in the iOS Provisioning Portal. All newly generated provisioning profiles are now automatically enabled for iCloud. If you are using an Xcode managed Team Provisioning Profile, click refresh in the Xcode Organizer to obtain a new iCloud-enabled profile. To enable all other provisioning profiles for iCloud, simply regenerate your profiles in the iOS Provisioning Portal.
If your application is using the NSMetadataQuery class, you must set a predicate, even though the predicate itself is ignored.
In this beta, the setSortDescriptors: method of NSMetadataQuery is not supported.
FIXED: To use iCloud prior to beta 5, you had to manually specify various container identifiers (your application’s Display set) within an Entitlements file for both of your Mac OS X and iOS projects.Starting in beta 5, to enable iCloud storage within your apps, simply click the “Enable Entitlements” checkbox in the Summary pane of your project. Xcode will create a custom entitlements file for your project that automatically includes your Team ID. You can add additional iCloud Container values as required by your application. (Note that you must regenerate your existing provisioning profiles, either with Xcode or in the iOS Provisioning Portal, to use iCloud storage.)If you specify a custom identifier string for your iCloud Key-Value Store or iCloud Container entitlement values, you no longer need to prepend your Team ID to the beginning of the string. Xcode will prepend your Team ID to these entries automatically
The container identifier string you pass to the URLForUbiquityContainerIdentifier: method of NSFileManager MUST include the team ID at the beginning of the string. As a convenience, if you pass nil, Foundation uses the first document container ID specified in your app’s entitlements.
There are issues using the Cloud Storage document API in conjunction with protected data which can lead to data corruption.
FIXED: In this beta, document-based applications cannot always detect when files change, move, or are deleted out from underneath them.
In this beta, file presenters (objects that adopt the NSFilePresenter protocol) do not receive some of the messages that they’re supposed to receive, especially:
You can workaround this by implementing the relinquishPresentedItemToWriter: method and checking to see if the writer actually wrote when your file presenter reacquires. You can also use FSEvents to observe file system changes

In this beta, messages about changes to files in a directory are not getting delivered to objects that adopt the NSFilePresenter protocol.
While reporting a bug related to the iCloud storage interfaces, please include the logs collected during your debugging session. To generate these logs, you must install a special debug profile on your device.The debug profile can be obtained from This profile enables the generation of debug logs that are needed to diagnose any problems using iCloud storage. The instructions to collect the logs are:
Install the profile. (The easiest way to do this is to mail it to yourself and open the attachment on their device.)
Reproduce the bug.
Sync with iTunes to pull the logs off your device.
Attach the logs to your bug report. You can find the logs in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/DeviceName/DiagnosticLogs.
These logs can grow large very quickly, so you should remove the profile after you have reproduced the problem and pulled the logs for the bug report.
NEW: File names are case-insensitive in OS X but case-sensitive in iOS. This can lead to problems when syncing files between the two. You should take steps on iOS to avoid creating files whose names differ only by case.
iMessage beta 1 will be unable to communicate with iMessage users on beta 2 or later.
NEW: When using the volume buttons on the device, or on headphones, the volume slider in the UI of applications may not update even though the volume level has changed.
The version of iTunes that comes with beta 5 cannot sync devices that have the beta 4 software installed. To avoid this problem, do the following:
Sync any devices that have beta 4 installed to the version of iTunes that came with beta 4.
Upgrade iTunes to the version that comes with beta 5.
Connect the device and install the beta 5 software. (Understand that you might see a failure to sync error when you first connect the device.)
After installing the beta 5 software, restore from your the backup you made in step 1.
Videos purchased from the iTunes Store do not play on a 2nd generation AppleTV over AirPlay with iTunes 10.5.
FIXED: The startMonitoringSignificantLocationChanges method of CLLocationManager does not cause applications to be resumed or launched in the background for significant location change updates. However, if a backup from a previous software version (where an application was monitoring significant location changes) is restored to the device, significant location change monitoring will continue to cause that application to be resumed or launched in the background.
FIXED: Forwarding a message with attachments included does not attach the file and the message compose screen does not change from “Loading….”
NEW: When changing the host name of an email account in settings, blank messages may be seen in the unified inbox. As a workaround, delete and re-add the account instead of changing its host name.
Music Library
FIXED: Some songs are missing their album artwork after changing the device library via syncing.
FIXED: In iOS 5.0 beta 4, several OpenGL ES extensions have been moved from the APPLE namespace to the EXT namespace, causing some API to be renamed. The altered extensions are EXT_color_buffer_half_float,EXT_occlusion_query_boolean, EXT_separate_shader_objects, EXT_shadow_samplers, EXT_texture_rg, EXT_debug_label, and EXT_debug_marker.
OTA Software Update
If you are doing an OTA software update, you will need to re-sync your photos with iTunes.”
Personal HotSpot
FIXED: In this beta, iPhone 4 device cannot join personal hotspot even if it is on due to a non functional Wi-Fi tethering on these devices.
FIXED: If you apply red-eye adjustments in iOS, and import your image into the iPhoto seed build, the red-eye adjustments will not appear on that image in iPhoto. As a result, subsequent syncing of your image back to the iOS device from iPhoto will not show the red-eye adjustments.
NEW: When restoring photo libraries from an iTunes backup, some photos may not appear in the Photos application after restore. Please back up your photos before updating to iOS Beta 5.
Location services are not functional in iOS 4.3 simulator running on Mac OS 10.7 with Xcode 4.2.
Push and local notifications for apps appear in the new Notification Center in iOS 5. Notification Center displays notifications that are considered “unread.” In order to accommodate push and local notifications that have no “unread” status, developers can use their application badge count to trigger a clearing of notifications from Notification Center. When an application clears its badge count (by setting it to zero), iOS 5 will clear its notifications from Notification Center.
FIXED: iOS 5.0 terminates VoIP applications that are resumed in the background for incoming network traffic with extreme frequency. Developers are encouraged to make sure all incoming data is read from VoIP sockets to avoid this condition.
NEW: The UIPrerenderedIcon key (in the Info.plist file) is not honored in this build.
NEW: In-App purchase will not work for developers testing their apps with the iTunes Sandbox.
FIXED: When tweeting your location from Safari and exiting before the location can be established, the location arrow will stay in the status bar. The arrow can be removed by killing Safari from the task switcher.
UI Automation
: Instruments overwrites the loaded automation script, even if another program is editing it.
FIXED: The play and record buttons in the Automation instrument script editor may not work properly after targeting an application that was launched by a trace session and has ended. They may also not work if you target an application that was suspended. If you run into this problem and it persists, you may need to close and reopen the trace document to get back into a functional state.
FIXED: When capturing actions into a script using the Automation instrument, interfaces with web views or table cells that contain a high number of off screen elements may take an extremely long time before returning with an expression.
The lock() and unlock() functions of UIATarget have been replaced with the lockForDuration(<seconds>) function.
Starting in iOS 5 beta 2, you can now trigger the execution of an UI Automation script on an iOS device from the host terminal by using the instruments tool. The command is:
instruments -w <device id> -t <template> <application>
When using the cli instruments for UI Automation you can now target the default Automation Template and pass the script and results path into the tool as environment variable options. For example:
instruments -w <device id> -t /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/Library/Instruments/PlugIns/AutomationInstrument.bundle/Contents/Resources/Automation.tracetemplate <application> -e UIASCRIPT <script> -e UIARESULTSPATH <results path>
Starting in iOS 5 beta 3, the exclusiveTouch property of UIControl has returned to its original default value of NO.
Returning nil from the tableView:viewForHeaderInSection: method (or its footer equivalent) is no longer sufficient to hide a header. You must override tableView:heightForHeaderInSection: and return0.0 to hide a header.
In the iOS 5 beta, the UITableView class has two methods to move one cell from one row to another with defined parameters. These APIs are:
Using the UIWebView class in Interface Builder, setting transparent background color is possible in iOS 5. Developers compiling against the new SDK can check their XIB for the UIWebView transparent setting.
In the iOS 5 beta, the UINavigationBar, UIToolbar, and UITabBar implementations have changed so that the drawRect: method is not called on instances of these classes unless it is implemented in a subclass. Apps that have re-implemented drawRect: in a category on any of these classes will find that the drawRect: method isn’t called. UIKit does link-checking to keep the method from being called in apps linked before iOS 5 but does not support this design on iOS 5 or later. Apps can either:
Use the customization API for bars that in iOS 5 and later, which is the preferred way.
Subclass UINavigationBar (or the other bar classes) and override drawRect: in the subclass.
The indexPathForRow:inSection:, section, and row methods of NSIndexPath now use NSInteger instead of NSUInteger, so that these types match with methods defined on UITableView.
Touch events are not getting forwarded to the view in the cameraOverlayView property of UIImagePickerController.
We have changed the behavior of scrollToRowAtIndexPath:atScrollPosition:animated: such that UITableViewScrollPositionTop and UITableViewScrollPositionBottom now adjust for the top and bottom portions of the contentInset property.
In iOS 5, a new inherited CSS property, -webkit-overflow-scrolling, is available. The value touch allows the web developer to opt in to native-style scrolling in an overflow:scroll element. The default value for this property is auto, which allows single-finger scrolling without momentum.
NEW: In beta 5, accessing sites that use client side SSL certificates does not work and may cause the application to crash.
The WebKit framework has picked up a newer WebKit engine, which closely matches Safari 5.1. Some areas to be aware of with the new WebKit framework on iOS:
There is a new HTML5-compliant parser.
Text layout width may change slightly because word-rounding behavior now has floating-point-based precision.
There is improved validation of the <input> form field, which includes removing leading zeros and number formatting.
Touch events are now supported on input fields.
window.onerror is now supported.
There is a new user agent that does not have locale information in the User Agent string.
NEW: URLs are now canonicalized by making the scheme all lowercase. If a fake URL is used to pass information from a UIWebView back to native code, make sure that the scheme is always lowercase, or that the native code compares the scheme in a case-insensitive manner.
Wi-Fi Syncing
In iOS 5 beta 4 and later, wireless syncing is now available on Windows as well as the Mac. (This support requires OS X 10.6.8 or Lion.) You will see an option to enable wireless syncing when you connect your device to iTunes with the USB cable. It is recommended you perform your initial sync with a cable after restoring your device.
Wireless syncing is triggered automatically when the device is connected to power and on the same network as the paired computer. Or, you can manually trigger a sync from iTunes or from Settings > General > iTunes Sync (same network as paired computer required).
If you find issues with apps, media and/or photos synced to your device, you can reset then resync. From Settings > General > Reset, choose Erase all Content and Settings. Then reconnect to iTunes and sync again.
In some cases, your device may fail to sync contacts, calendars and account settings, or back up to iTunes. If this happens, reboot your device and re-sync.
FIXED: In some cases, syncing photos may result in only thumbnails on your device. If this happens, unsync Photos then re-sync again.
FIXED: In beta 4, device restores using Xcode were disabled. This has been fixed. Device restores are now enabled and work in Xcode.
In some cases, Xcode 4.2 Organizer does not display a device that is in restore mode. As a workaround you can use iTunes to restore.
In iOS 5 beta 5, iOS Simulator is not compatible with previous releases of the iCloud Developer Seed for OS X. It is highly recommended that you update to the latest iCloud Developer Seed to ensure compatibility.
iOS 5.0 SDK supports both iOS 4.3 and iOS 5.0 simulators.
NEW: Xcode fails to build a Page-based template. You can work around this issue by adding the Core Graphics framework to your project.

 양이 좀 많긴 하지만.. 대략적으로 바뀐건 거의 버그가 잡혀가고, 노티피케이션 센터가 구동속도가 빨라지면서, 안정화 되어간다는 점이눈으로 보이네요. 그리고, 바람개비 돌때도, 카톡에서 바람개비 도는건 가운데서 돌았는데.. 숫자 카운트 나오는 부분에서 바람개비가 돈다는 사실...

근데 사운드 재생버그는 여전하네요. 애플에선 아직도 인지 못하고 있는 것 같습니다. 이어폰으로 음악 들으시는 분들 주의를 요합니다. 

업데이트 방법 :

iOS BETA 사용자

BETA 3 이전 : IPSW 파일이랑 아이튠즈 BETA5 까신후에, 쉬프트+복원(맥은 OPT+복원) 으로 업데이트 하시길
BETA 3 이후 : 설정 - 일반 - 소프트웨어 업데이트 에 가셔서 업데이트.

iOS 4 사용자 

그냥 정신건강상 조금만 기다리세요.. 얼마 남지 않았어요 정식 출시 9월도.......;

하시면 되겠습니다 
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남군 NamGun

주절주절 일상생활 모든 이야기. NEX 5D/IPHONE/SMARTERIAN/ TWTERIAN/KOREAN/I`m a Passiony. @bynamgun

오늘 2011년 7월11일자로, 애플 개발자 페이지에 iOS 5 BETA3가 공개 되었습니다.

그동안 iOS5 공개이후로, 개발자에 한정해서, 애플이 꾸준히 업데이트를 해왔는데요, 이에 대해서 많은 공유들이 이뤄지고 있습니다.  
무엇이 업데이트 되었는지는,

Enhanced location services controls: Aside from a prominent new screen in the iOS 5 setup process outlining how location services work, the new beta also includes finer granularity of controls, allowing users to specify whether such functions as cell network searching, diagnostics, iAds, time zone setting, and traffic information may make use of the device's location information. This is of course in addition to the per-app location controls that are already available. 

Speed enhancements: User reports indicate that performance is significantly improved under the new beta, with a considerable reduction in lag. 

Voice roaming: In addition to the existing ability to turn off data roaming in order to avoid hefty data charges, the new beta adds a "voice roaming" toggle that will allow users to prevent their phone from connecting while on roaming networks not included in their carrier's service package and thus subject to extra fees. 

Prompt for moved video content: With iOS 5, Apple has rebranded the "iPod" app on the iPhone and iPad as "Music", in line with what is found on the iPod touch. The new beta now issues an initial prompt informing users that video content such as movies, TV shows, and music videos have been moved to the "Videos" app. 

Safari preferences: The ability to clear cookies and data has been restored in the new beta, and a new "Advanced" page has been added with additional tools for removing data and debugging. 

Other assorted tweaks: A new icon for the "Reminders" app that is being added in iOS 5, an iTunes Store button in the "Music" app, the Wi-Fi Sync setting renamed to "iTunes Wi-Fi Sync", and mailbox creation from within Mail.

현재, 해외 iRC나 각종 페이지를 위주로, 공유가 이뤄지고 있던데요..
저도 한번 공유 해보고자 합니다. ;)

현재 05시 18불 동기화중인데, 바탕화면에 점이 생기네요. 제스쳐를 실행가능한 점이긴 한데....
일단 다 올리고 얘기 해드릴께요 ;)

다운로드 파일 목록    76.76 MB    다운로드 유효 기간:  ~ 2011-07-19    다운로드 가능 횟수:    0 Bytes    다운로드 유효 기간:  ~ 2011-07-19    다운로드 가능 횟수: 500

itunes_10.5_beta_3_for_mac_os_x.dmg    81.04 MB    다운로드 유효 기간:  ~ 2011-07-19    다운로드 가능 횟수: 500

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남군 NamGun

주절주절 일상생활 모든 이야기. NEX 5D/IPHONE/SMARTERIAN/ TWTERIAN/KOREAN/I`m a Passiony. @bynamgun

오늘 갑자기 그냥 그러려니 했던 애플 아이폰 관련해서 떠오르는 IT뉴스가 있네요.

아이폰4 출시 이전에,
"이것이 아이폰4다!" 라는 유출 단말기를 통해 올라왔던 Tinhte 라는 베트남사이트에서 유출된 영상들이 올라왔었는데요.

그 와중에, 애플의 개발자가 미국의 한 호프집에서 개발 단말기를 분실했다가, 기즈모도에서 입수해서 공개 되었다. 다시 되돌려지는....

기정사실화가 되었지만, 잡스의 성격상 그대로 출시는 못하고, 다시 디자인 갈아 엎어서 내놓을 것이다. 라는 사람들의 반응들이 주류였는데, 아이폰4 출시와 함께 이 곳에서 내놨던 유출 영상속에 있던 단말기가 결국 그대로 출시가 되어 허무하게 만들었던 애플 아이폰4 출시 키노트를 봤던 적이 있지요... 
잡스가 병가로 인한 요양중임에도 불구하고 그때와 같이, 차기 아이폰 출시에 대해서, 많은 루머들이 나돌고 있죠.

맥루머닷컴의 경우, 
아이폰5 9월경에 출시 예정이다.
라는 의견 (출처 : )이 지배적인데요, 평이합니다.

거기다가, 다른 사이트들 카더라~ 통신들을 한번 모아봤습니다.

아이폰4 디자인에는 너무나도 실망한 잡스가, 아이폰 3GS처럼 곡선이 있는 뒷판이 알루미늄으로 보강되어 수신율 향상시킨 디자인으로 나올 것이다. 라는 얘기로 해서, 옆의 디자인이 나오게 됩니다.

아이폰4 출시와 함께 데스그립이라는 오명을 씌우게 된 애플사의, 결함 인정은 온데간데 없고, 애플의 정품범퍼를 무상 지급해주겠다는 정책의 결정엔, 암묵적인 결정도 반영이 되어 있었지요..

안테나 설계 미스 결함인건 우리들이 인정하니깐, 범퍼를 씌우면 줄어들것이다. 그러니 범퍼를 꼭 착용해서 써라. 랄까요.. 선택이 아닌 필수가 되어버리는 귀결에 대해서 여러 사람들은 또 분노를 하게 됩니다.
저 또한 마찬가지였으니깐요... 하지만 생각보다 범퍼를 씌우고 나니 수직낙하에도 액정 모서리 찍힘으로 인한 깨짐도 줄어들고, 은근히 아이폰 범퍼의 매력이 따로 생기더군요..
그래서 뒷판이 모두다 알루미늄으로 채용되어 나오게 된다 라는 지인의 정보를 통해서 포스팅 해놨습니다.
(출처 : )

음.. 저도 개인적으로 아이폰을 3GS부터 써봤지만, 저 곡선 디자인이 파지하기도 편리하고, 정감이 가는 것 같습니다. 

2. 쿼티키가 달린 아이폰5

음.. 이건 무슨 해괴한 디자인의 폰을 가지고 온건지.... ㅠㅠ

출처 : 

애플에 대해서 아는 사람이라면, 디자인 총책 아이브가 일본장인에게 직접 찾아가서, 알루미늄 통채로 안에 넣을수 있는 유니바디 형을 개량하는 방법봐 비법을 전수 해서 가져와, 개발자들에게 알렸다고 하던데, 그게 아이팟의 나노 신화가 시작된 순간이라고 알고 있습니다.

그러한 전말을 봤을때, 아이폰4와 같은 두께에 키보드 하판이 달리게 되어, 두꺼워지는 기현상을 지켜만 보고 있을 이유가.....

이것도 그냥 악세사리 개념으로 이해하는게 제일 현실적 일 것 같습니다. 

이외에도, 다양한 변화된 내용들이 커뮤니티 위주로 올라갔지요.

홈버튼이 없어질거다, 화면은 4인치로 향상될거다. 레티나 디스플레이는 그대로 가져갈것이다. 멀티터치 기능이 보강된 제스쳐기능이 들어갈것이다. 와 같은 많은 루머들.. 사람들이 원하고 간편한 기능들을 추구 하고자 하는 내용들이니, 당연히 반영되면 좋겠지요. 위에 까지는 추측성 기사일뿐, 심증만 나와있고 물증은 전혀 없는 그저 그런 루머들일뿐입니다.

그런데, 아이폰4는 잠잠해질줄 알았더니, 곧 화이트아이폰4가 나올거라는 소문들이 파다 해집니다.

이렇게 되면서, 유출 사진들이 나오게 되지요..

"홍콩의 그레이마켓에서, 흥미로운 아이폰 2개가 발견되었다.


하나는 Sin Tak에서 발견된 64GB 아이폰4의 엔지니어링 프로토타입으로, 뒷면에는 XX GB라는 표기가 되어있으며 내부에는 64GB 메모리가 탑재 (실제용량 59.1GB) 모델넘버는 995-6049LL로 표기됩니다. 이 프로토타입의 존재는 애플이 64GB 아이폰4의 출시를 고려했었다는 것을 의미합니다. 그러나 애플은 64GB 아이폰4를 결국 출시하지 않았는데, 이것은 플래시메모리의 단가 문제와 판매가 상승 때문인것으로 보입니다.


또 다른 하나는 Sina에서 발견된 화이트 아이폰의 양산품입니다. 16GB 모델인 이 제품은 완전한 제품 박스에 담겨있었으며, 아이폰4 화이트 출시 준비가 마무리된 것으로 보입니다.

출처 : via Electronista ( )
2차 출처 :  클리앙-새소식게시판 Estere님 //

이건 애플에서 뿌린 엔지니어들의 샘플 시료폰이 유출된 것 같은데, 이 모양 그대로, 베트남발 Tinhte 영상에 나오게 됩니다. 한번 보시죠.

베트남 언어라서 그런지, 이해는 못하겠어서, 영문번역된 부분을 첨부해봅니다. 대략 해석해보니, 기기의 모습과 퍼포먼스를 볼수가 있는데요. 확실히 아이폰4보단 좀 빠르다는 느낌을 확실히 느낄수가 있군요.

Strange hands 64GB white iPhone demo

다시 돌아와서,  iOS 5 구동부분도 영상을 촬영해서 올려놨더군요. 한번 보시죠.

출처 :

화이트 아이폰4과 다를거 없는 모양에, 뒷면은 XX GB라고 써져있지만, 탑재 되어있는 iOS 의 구동 모습들이 정말 하나하나 Amazing을 보여주고 있습니다.

1. 멀티태스킹을 관리하는 창이 생겼다는 것.(오른쪽 그림)
2. 폴더 생성 애니메이션이 맥OS EXPOSE 처럼 달라진 점.
3. 좀 더 빠른 구동 속도의 모습,( A5탑재된 시료폰이 아니냐는...)

iOS 4.3.2 최근 업데이트에 대해서 정말 인덱싱 버그와, 문제 수신 버그 등 다양한 버그들에 애플의 Q/C에 실망을 거듭하기만 했던 필자에게 뭔가 색다른 모습에 혹하는 부분들이 반영되어있네요. 애플에서 최근에 MAC OS 차기버전인 Lion 개발 최고책임자를 해임한적이 있는데요, 이를 통해 기존 iOS 개발에 있어서 차기 OS와 통합을 해가려는 속셈이 있는거 아니냐 라는 사람들의 추측이 맞아가는게 아닌가 싶습니다. 

관련기사 : 
'맥 OS 아버지' 버트랜드 설렛, 애플 떠나

이에 대해, 모든 정황상이나 루머들을 종합해본 결과, 

1. 아이폰4 화이트 출시
2. 2011년 6월에 발표예정인 iOS 5 (위의 영상) 출시
3. 아이폰 5 출시

되는 레파토리가 맞아가는게 아닌가 싶습니다.

사람들의 많은 관심만큼, 애플만의 감성에 새로운 기기가 출시 된다는 사실 하나만으로 지켜보고 있는 유저들이 있다는게, 애플 스티브잡스가 가져가는 CEO만의 방식이 사뭇 궁금해집니다. 이에 대해서 한번 자세히 알아봐야겠습니다. ^^
기존 iOS를 선호하는 이유가, 하드웨어적인 큰 제약이 없는 한 꾸준히 업데이트를 해준다는 잇점만 보고 꾸준히 쓰고 있는데, 정말 맘에 듭니다.

삼성 갤럭시S2가 출시가 된다고 하던데, 과연 2가 나오더라도 갤럭시S에 대한 사후 지원은 꾸준히 해줄지도 이쯤되어 한번 지켜볼만한 문제 인 것 같습니다. 요즘 옴니아2 보상문제로 뜨거운 얘기니깐요.

아이폰5는??  "될테로 되라~"
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남군 NamGun

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아이폰 보안 전문가 겸 해커 Stefan Esser는 iOS 4.3.1 기기의 완전탈옥(untethered jailbreak) 개발에 성공했음을 밝혔다. 본인의 유튜브 페이지에 아이팟 터치 4세대에 기반한 시연 동영상을 올렸으며 배포예정일을 아직 밝히지 않았으나, 조만간 약간의 안정화 작업후 4월초에 배포될 것으로 보인다.


한편 iOS 4.3.1 부터 적용되는 반탈툴들의 특징은 반탈(tethered jailbreak)이 아닌 세미반탈(semi-tethered jailbreak)로 기존 반탈툴들이 재부팅시 기기가 완전히 먹통이 되는것과는 달리, 세미반탈툴은 재부팅시 순정상태로 재부팅이 되는 것이 특징이다.


현재까지 배포된 iOS 4.3.1 세미반탈툴은 Sn0wbreeze 2.4b1, PwnageTool bundle for iOS 4.3.1, Corea Jailbreak 1.1b1 등이 있다.


이제 곧 출시가 머지 않았네요. 
iOS 4.3 Ver로 들어오면서, 탈옥에 대해 내부에 흔적이 남도록 해놨다고 하던데, 역시 순정이 진리지요.
튜닝의 끝은 순정...이라는 사람들의 암묵적인 진리와 함께, iOS는 최소 사람들의 편리함만큼은 꾸준히 반영해주고 있는 순정만의 메리트가 있는 것 같습니다.

어찌됐던, 애플의 iOS에 있어  6월달에 WWDC 컨퍼런스 개최를 통해서 애플 OSX 라이언과 iOS 통합에 있어 어떤 개발방향이 나올지 개발자들을 자극을 하고 있습니다.

"WWDC 2011을 6월 6일부터 10일까지 샌프란시스코 Moscone West에서 개최한다고 밝혔습니다. 애플은 홍보 이미지에서 "iOS와 Mac OS X 의 미래에 대한 프리뷰" 를 보여줄 것이라 했으며, 보도자료에서 필 실러는 "올해 컨퍼런스에서는 iOS와 Mac OS 의 미래를 공개할 것입니다. 만약 여러분이 iOS나 Mac OS X 개발자라면 이번 이벤트는 놓치고 싶지 않을 것입니다." 고 밝혔습니다."

출처 :

벌써 이 초대권이 $1599 임에도 불구하고 10시간만에 매진되었다고 하네요.

iOS의 행보에 있어서 애플과 해커들의 창과 방패 싸움도 그렇고 컨퍼런스의 내용이 개발자가 아닌 그저 최종 사용자일뿐인 저에게도 벌써 기대하게 만듭니다.
그만큼 애플의 독보적인 시장 개척에 있어서 다른 경쟁사들도 긴장하고 꾸준히 경쟁구도를 그려나가겠지요?


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남군 NamGun

주절주절 일상생활 모든 이야기. NEX 5D/IPHONE/SMARTERIAN/ TWTERIAN/KOREAN/I`m a Passiony. @bynamgun