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오늘 2011년 7월11일자로, 애플 개발자 페이지에 iOS 5 BETA3가 공개 되었습니다.

그동안 iOS5 공개이후로, 개발자에 한정해서, 애플이 꾸준히 업데이트를 해왔는데요, 이에 대해서 많은 공유들이 이뤄지고 있습니다.  
무엇이 업데이트 되었는지는,

Enhanced location services controls: Aside from a prominent new screen in the iOS 5 setup process outlining how location services work, the new beta also includes finer granularity of controls, allowing users to specify whether such functions as cell network searching, diagnostics, iAds, time zone setting, and traffic information may make use of the device's location information. This is of course in addition to the per-app location controls that are already available. 

Speed enhancements: User reports indicate that performance is significantly improved under the new beta, with a considerable reduction in lag. 

Voice roaming: In addition to the existing ability to turn off data roaming in order to avoid hefty data charges, the new beta adds a "voice roaming" toggle that will allow users to prevent their phone from connecting while on roaming networks not included in their carrier's service package and thus subject to extra fees. 

Prompt for moved video content: With iOS 5, Apple has rebranded the "iPod" app on the iPhone and iPad as "Music", in line with what is found on the iPod touch. The new beta now issues an initial prompt informing users that video content such as movies, TV shows, and music videos have been moved to the "Videos" app. 

Safari preferences: The ability to clear cookies and data has been restored in the new beta, and a new "Advanced" page has been added with additional tools for removing data and debugging. 

Other assorted tweaks: A new icon for the "Reminders" app that is being added in iOS 5, an iTunes Store button in the "Music" app, the Wi-Fi Sync setting renamed to "iTunes Wi-Fi Sync", and mailbox creation from within Mail.

현재, 해외 iRC나 각종 페이지를 위주로, 공유가 이뤄지고 있던데요..
저도 한번 공유 해보고자 합니다. ;)

현재 05시 18불 동기화중인데, 바탕화면에 점이 생기네요. 제스쳐를 실행가능한 점이긴 한데....
일단 다 올리고 얘기 해드릴께요 ;)

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